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Lives have been touched and changed due to our service unto the Kingdom of our Lord, you are next in His love!

I have always known that something is inside me that I could not explain, however when Apostle Lorna was referred to me about spiritual healing, I made an appointment to meet with her spiritual counsel and sure enough God used her Spiritual gift of prophecy and she was right on target.  I have never been the same and I have felt at peace and sleeping well. Now I am back to my self and calling

Leader from Michigan

Before I met Apostle Lorna, I did not believe that there is such spiritual healing needed in my life.  She came to our church and was invited to preach and lay hands.  By the time she laid hands on me and prayed for me, I received such lightness and healing that I have never felt before.  There is such thing as deliverance as the bible teaches about.  Now, I am operating in my divine call in the ministry.  Thank God for Apostle Lorna for using them to minister unto the churches.

Anonymous from Middle East